Who I am

Bonjour, bienvenue on my do-itosphère ✨ !

I’m Géraldine and from Marseille ! I’ve made a blog and decided to also do it in English. I have lived in Boston for 2 years. Please disregard any language mistakes and don’t hesitate to participate in my learning process by correcting me ! The most important thing is that my intention is clear. I love crafting and I like sharing !

Anyway, I think it’s time to introduce myself… If you could figure it out after 5 seconds on my blog I’m a creative girl who eats, sleeps and lives Crafts so much so that I very well am at risk to turn myself, well, into a craft ! ^^ 

From my childhood I kept a butterfly touch, I can’t help myself to flutter around whatever the subject ! oh and yes I dream to live with a musical soundtrack in the background 🎶.

The Hexamour’s adventure (I chose that name which is the short for hexagone, the nickname for my sweet native country, and Amour, which gets everybody to agree, right !) has started with my instagram account where I share my creative, colorful and crafty ideas, find inspiration and discover other passionate folks !

Everything you’ll find on my blog is a self-taught learning process that I guarantee always effervescent, ebullient, exuberant and of course with an everlastingly butterfly touch 🦋- so be prepared to also discover my other crushes !

Making things with my hands and learning new medium is an obsession. I dream to shape wood with one hand, to make potery with the other and with imaginery others to crochet, embroder and draw !

Clearly needed this spot to channel and share my creative energy, ergo : and my blog is born !

Please enjoy and craft 🧡 !

And say hello, I’m already pleased to meet you !