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DIY – The Surprise Carrot- craft one for Easter !

These are the suprise crackers that I handmade for Easter this year to add some fun and give a little gift - plus perfect to decorate your table

Hello crafty people !

I’m sharing today a new craft project – I name it the Surprise Carrot a perfect match for Easter !

For me, it’s really UK / US inspired. I feel like there is a stuffed Surprise for every occasion (you have quite an eye for party, guys 🥳). I’ve never seen so many of them since I live on this side of the Atlantic. The big boss in that matter, I think, is Meri Meri who by the way have also their Carrot Surprise.

But where is the fun in buying one when I can make one on my very own !!

So let me introduce you to my Carrot Surprise with more details !

We are going to create a carrot shape Surprise (like on the picture☝🏼) – it can also be any other shape that you are capable of making like the easy rond Christmas ornament. This surprise is made of successive layers of crepe papers and stuffed with sweets, candies and presents (like tattoos, loving note, handmade friendship bracelet anything you think of) depending on your taste.

If you do not have crepe paper, I’m pretty positive that tissue (paper) will work just as well !

So let’s get crafty, all you need for this craft is :
Tutorial and supplies needed to make your very own easter carrots' cracker

It’s a really simple and awesome craft ! You’ll see and effect guaranteed 😉

We gradually need to wrap the crepe paper around the sweets / surprises to form multiple layers until the shape (body) appears !

I recommend to start with the big one(s), like the Kinder’s egg (not to mention it – by the way did you know that the recipe is completely different that the one we can found in Europe and not as I like it), it really helps to build the shape and then add another one and so on until you get a carrot’s shape like.

Because all carrot needs a top, right ? I decided to work with two different green shades of crepe paper (the size of the streamer was just perfect, I didn’t have to recut) and fringe one side all along ( the longest the fluffiest the top will be), and then roll the paper up in adding sometimes some glue and finally glue it at the top of the carrot !

Et Voilà ! Your Surprise carrot is all set ! Admire it, make others, give them to someone else or keep them for you ! ^^
My easter surprise carrot crackers are just perfect for everyone - little gift or sweet treat it's up to you ! Perfect also to decorate your table, use it as a place card ! !

I hope you’ll enjoy your Surprise Carrots – who knows it might become a tradition that matches by the way with many celebrations ! In carrot’s style, it’s with no doubt the ideal sidekick to an awesome Easter’s snack (greatly approved over here 🤗).

My easter surprise carrot crackers are just perfect for an easter gift and sweet snack - sweet tooth be careful !

You know what also matches like perfectly with this Surprise Carrots, some carrots Cupcakes and you can find the recipe right here !!

Please share with me your creation and/or let me know what you’re making for Easter this year ! I’m always happy to discuss and meet some other passionnate folks !

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