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How to start with crochet

You wanna learn crochet but you're not quite sure where to start, you're at the right place ! I share with you in this blog post my tips and tricks !
While I was writing the post about these crochet makers who inspire me that you can read here, I thought it could be an awesome idea to extend on the subject with how to start with crochet.

Learning alone is challenging, right ? So I thought that sharing my tips and tricks, plus some tutorial along the way and all in the same spot could be useful for you, my dear crafty people 🤗 !

So let’s get started !

With supplies and big teaser : you’ll need a hook and some yarn !

Hook / crochet : I’ve never have to buy a hook – they all come to me ! Can you believe it ! Which goes to show how I was predestined to crochet 😉

And I have a pretty beautiful collection ❤️ : some Bohin in lots of colorful handles, some (iron) Phildar, some more discreet and anonymous as well as many sizes !

My fav is a (size) 3mm from prym with a long handle. It’s very comfy to crochet with ! Unfortunately, I cannot find it online to make you a link here. But you can see it on the picture below – who knows you’ll be able to find it or a similar one😉.

On a pragmatic note, I definitely recommend to start with a size 3 or 4 !

About the yarn : one should be enough. But if you are like me you’ll end up with let’s say some because of all the amazing color 😅

Again I definitely recommend cotton yarn. It’s easy to crochet with, easy to find (well depending on the size you’re looking for but below I share my favorite place to shop yarn) and affordable.

I love the Nature Just coton from DMC. I go nuts for all the wonderful colors 😍. However to start it can be a bit tricky because the thread easily split making it harder to crochet.

So without no more waiting, firstly I buy mine on this awesome website that I highly approve LoveCrafts where you’ll have a very BIG choice of yarn ! And secondly I crochet with yarn from Rico (they also have a special amigurumi range), Paintbox and schachenmayr (so soft).

But whatever the place, I would say to pay attention to the texture when you buy your yarn. Choose a soft one ! It may look silly say like that but believe me I gave up on crocheting some yarn because too stiff !

Besides, I had difficulties finding the right cotton yarn for me (😅) where I live. I mean soft and that I can crochet in size 3/4. That’s why I am so happy I found LoveCrafts 😍.

In addition,

for some of you who wants to make some amigurumis (perfectly beginner friendly if you are patient), you’ll need :

  • one yarn needle,
  • some fiber fill stuffing and
  • some stitch markers (or paper clip).
You wanna learn crochet but you're not quite sure where to start, you're at the right place ! I share with you in this blog post my tips and tricks !
Well now that you are equipped, it’s time to learn how to hold your crochet and then the stitches !

As I previously said in this blog post these crochet makers who inspire me, I learnt crochet via le Super starter crochet challenge of Chouette kit and the book Tendre crochet 1 of Tournicote `a cloche pied (because yes I already wanted so badly to crochet amigurumis !).

So let me introduce you to le Super starter crochet challenge. It was one email per week during 4 weeks with one or more videos about a stitch plus a pattern to crochet what we just learnt. I really liked it.

Today, this challenge became a kit. But you can still find on their Youtube channel the videos !!

Learning with a kit ready to use and to enjoy is pretty great ! No hassle, no headache ! You don’t have to read and do lots of research because everything you need is well right in the kit (crochet, yarn and pattern). There is nothing else to do than to crochet !

Apart from Chouette kit (that might be not so convenient for US crafty people), the renowned we are knitters et wool and the gang make also great crochet kits classified by projects and expertise.

And even if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, be sure to check their blog and youtube channels ! You’ll find excellent et useful resources to learn crochet.

Other YouTube channels tested et approved : Woolkiss, Bergères de France et LoveCrafts.

I also invite you to visit Caro Tricote‘s blog packed with lots of gorgeous DIY et crochet tutorials. Without forgetting about her very inspiring instagram account as well as her IGTV section where you can watch and re-watch her crochet sessions ! And crocheting with Caro Tricote, it’s like crocheting with friends in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere !

Last, when you’ll feel more confident or if you already crochet and that you’re looking for crochet projects,

well, dont hesitate to dig into that websites and blogs that I just mentioned above. I’ll just add DMC website and the cutest tutorial’s card of the DIY planet, I named it Tisane Crochet !

And of course you can read my previous blog post about these crochet makers who inspire me packed with lots of crochet inspiration as well as give a try to my DIY and crochet a lemon ! You’ll learn how to ring crochet and be able to start your very first amigurumi 😉

Crochet lovers, you are right where you should be, big crush is on its way ! Take your crochet and yarn I'm about to tell you how to make this awesome opened lemon !

I sincerely hope this post will be helpful. And please feel free to share in the comments below your own advice or experience with crochet ! I’ll gladly discover that !

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