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DIY – The Christmas monogram ornament

The last minute DIY to craft for your Christmas tree or better to offer as a gift for a very special attention !

Are you up for a chic DIY the Christmas monogram ornament ✨🎄

Since last Christmas, I want to give felt a try in my craft projects especially because of these wonderful embroidered felt ornaments from Lia Griffith, yes her again 😊 and this lovely shop.

And now Anthropologie has some too this year !

So here I am looking for felt and pompoms (life is always better with pompoms!), ready to make my very own DIY the Christmas monogram ornament. If you too, all you need is :

All the supplies you need to craft your very own and unique DIY monogram ornament for Christmas.
  • some felt in a color that you like,
  • some thread, I used some embroidery thread from DMC in different hues of yellow and blue,
  • sewing and embroidery needles,
  • pompoms, in the color that you like, I personally choose to match felt and pompoms,
  • a pair of scissors to cut the felt,
  • a handful of fiber fill stuffing
  • and a hot glue gun.

Let’s get crafted our DIY the Christmas monogram ornament !

Well the first step is to draw the initial(s) that you would like to make. If you’re not feeling in a good day for handwriting don’t hesitate to look for and use a nice font 😉

Now that you have a template, use it to cut some beautiful initial(s) out of your felt. You need two sets for each initial.

Before starting, just a small tip to start. We’re going to hide the knot at the end of your thread.

Therefore you need to align your two layer of initial and then jab your needle between them and pop out to the back side of your initial. Your knot is now in the inside and invisible. Jab again your needle near where your thread comes out and going through the two layers of felt pop out to the front side of your initial.

Perfect, you’re now ready for the scallop edge stitch to put together your two sets of felt in a unique monogram.

Firstly jab your needle in the back side, as shown in the first picture below, and pop out in the front side going through the two layers of felt. But keep a loop like in the second picture.

Secondly go through the loop with your needle, like in the third picture below. Lastly, finish your stitch, as shown in the fourth picture.

Your scallop edge stitch is done ! it is correctly made when you have a border on the edge of your initial as shown on the picture fourth, right up above.

Continue this stitch with a regular gap between each stitch until you have entirely covered your monogram but stop for the last stitch and don’t forget to stuff along the process.

Step by step I guide you through the scallop edge in embroidery, a must have for a stunning monogram ornament !

To stop properly the scallop edge stitch, you just needle to make the last one stitch on top of the first one and cut the thread.

We are now ready to decorate our monogram ornament ✨

I decorated mine with pompoms and it’s very simple. Just glue them with your hot glue gun on top of the monogram. I may have overused pompoms. If it’s possible to do so with pompoms😆.

At the end, I add a touch of color with the embroidery knot stitch on the monogram as well as on top of pompoms 😁

Ta-da ✨ Do you like it ?

The last minute DIY to craft for your Christmas tree or better to offer as a gift for a very special attention !

Please share with me your monogram ornament(s) here or tag me on instagram 😉

I hope you’ll like this DIY and that it’ll inspire you ✨ See you soon 😘

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