DIY the paper crown for la Galette des rois

It's time for a sweet french tradition and its best sidekick is right here, the DIY of the paper crown for la galette des rois !
Hello, hello and happy 2021 ✨✌🏼🎶 May this year be bright, joyful and free 🕊

And what a better way to start this new year than crafting a new DIY your very own paper crown for la galette des rois, a sweet french tradition.

Wait what ? La galette what ?

The galette des rois celebrates Epiphany (the day the Three Kings (les rois) visited the infant Jesus) and is baked throughout January in France. Composed of two circles of puff pastry sandwiching a frangipani filling, each comes with a crown and always has a trinket, called a fève, or bean, baked into it 😉 If your slice has the fève, you get the crown and the right to be king or queen for the day 👑 I love it and it’s so good !

Anyway I’ve imagined this DIY in making my Christmas table decor, the white paper garland part with leaves. You can see it on my instagram account.

And for this crown, I was still in a white leaves mood, but I wanted to add a rabbit touch. Yes, you read correctly I first thought about rabbit 😆. Then I said to myself oh wait…we’ll see enough rabbit with Easter ! So I finally chose a bird 🙌🏼 . And if you’re already in Easter mood (never too early for crafting)🤫 feel free to dig into my DIY ideas here and there.

Anyway, this new DIY is a piece of cake 🤭 ! And you’re going to ask yourself, as I, why you haven’t already tried to make your own crown ! Because yes, let’s be honest this DIY works pretty well with every celebration 😉

So for this DIY the paper crown for la galette des rois, all you need is :
To craft your crown for a successful Galette des rois, I guide you step by step starting by choosing the proper supplies. Minute DIY and easy to find supplies guaranteed !

some cardstock paper in the color of your choice (for the length, I recommend 45 cm / 10 inches at least. But I’ve thought about two options to close the crown so even if you have not enough length you’ll be able to close your crown !)

a pencil,

a ruler,

a pair of scissors or a precision knife (but honestly it’s entirely doable with a pair of scissors)

and a bone folder or the back of your precision knife.

Let’s get started !

The first step is to trace a line onto your piece of paper about 1 inch wide and 17 1/2 inches long as shown on the first picture below. You’ll have a stripe which is the base of the crown.

Then draw leaves and bird (or whatever you may want 😊) on top of the stripe as shown on the second picture below. If you need some help or inspiration, look at my template☝🏼 above.

I recommend to space your drawings out on top of the stripe to make the cutting step easier especially if you’re going to use scissors. You’ll have more room to move around the paper without damaging it.

Next it’s time to cut ! Honestly with a fine pair of scissors, you’ll need 10 to 15 min. That’s it ! To help you out, roughly cut the paper around your drawings, as shown on the third picture below.

Personally I used a box cutter nothing fancy 😉 to cut the stripe and then a scissor to cut more precisely my drawings.

To craft your crown for a successful Galette des rois, I guide you step by step and it's time to cut. Minute DIY and easy to find supplies guaranteed !

Last to add some dimension to your crown, give a very light stroke in the middle of the leaves with your bonne folder or the back of your precision knife / box cutter, as shown on the fifth picture below. Then mark carefully creases, picture 6.

I also added some volume to the wings of the bird by slightly curving them. You can use the edge of a table to do so 😉 It works just as well a bone folder !

We are almost done and about to close our crown !

As I previously said, I came up with two ways of closing your crown.

First one with a hole punch, I made two small hole and used a piece of thread.

Second one, I curved one side and on the other one I cut with my cutter box a small notch.

TA-DA you’ve just finished your crown !

So now, let’s bake la galette🤪. And I’ve heard that there is awesome recipes over here on the blog of Céline alias les yeux grognons 😉

I hope you’ll like this DIY the paper crown for la galette des rois and that it’ll inspire you✨

Please share with me your crown(s) here or tag me on instagram 🙌🏼 . Pssst I have also an announcement 🥳 you can also follow my blog with Bloglovin 🎉 . This is the new heart shape icon 🖤 in my header and footer menu 😉

See ya 😘

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