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DIY – The Halloween bats’ decor

This year, I decided it’ll be a Halloween bats’ decor ! 🦇

A staple plus make it black and it really represents a chic Halloween decor, at least for me ! But apparently I’m not the only as I could sneak peek into the Halloween home decor from Emily Henderson whom I’m quite fan ! And some extra over here 🙌🏼

So today, I’m sharing with you this very simple but still impactful DIY, perfect for kids and not so kids anymore (but kids anyway !). So let’s get dived into some Halloween craft, put the music on and caught the spirit 🎃

For this craft, all you need is :
Bats, it's the Halloween touch that you and your home need. So let's get brought papers and scissors out, I share with you the easiest DIY to craft some paper bats. Be prepared to switch to a spooky mood !
  • the bat’s printable template
  • some cardstock paper in the colors of your choice
  • one pair of scissors and
  • some glue, tape… whatever you need to set up your bat in your home 😉

The only time consuming step of this DIY (If you don’t have the dream of every crafter – I name it the CRICUT) it’s to cut as much as bats you want ! But honestly just enjoy the music or a good horror movie and time will fly as a 🦇 😜

Once you’re done with all the cutting, then choose a spot in your home. I chose a wall in my living room, right near my fall foliage garland where you can find the DIY here, and tried to mimic a bats’ take off. I’ve add some macabre in adding some sticks that I collected outside during a stroll.

And I even thought about the detail, the thing (for the lovers of the Addams Family 😉).

I suppose I was right, you just didn’t realize your decor is done and ready to celebrate Halloween 🎃 It’s the most simple, easy to make and effective DIY !

Well enjoy your candies ! And don’t forget to share with me your creation here or tag me on my instagram account 😘

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