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DIY Advent Calendar

This is this time of the year when it's time to think about your Advent Calendar.
There it is December and Christmas! And as every year I enjoy making my very own DIY Advent Calendar ✨ . Ok it is more for my sweet tooth hubby 😉

For this DIY Advent Calendar ✨ I have been inspired by the treat stars bags of Valentine from the blog happy as a bee. But why make only stars when I can pick the moon. Even though I didn’t make any moon shape which could have been a great idea now that I’m writing this post 🤔

Anyway for this DIY Advent Calendar, all you need is :

  • some papers, here I used a roll of kraft paper and some paper rests to make my numbers
  • drawing / templates of the shapes you’d like, I chose holly leaves, ornaments, cookies and canes sugar (in addition of the stars)
  • Scissors and
  • a sewing machine.
To start,

I’ve cut strips in the kraft paper depending on the size of my drawing. Then I fold the strip in half and a second time in half again. This is the ultime tricks of the girl who doesn’t have the CRICUT 😆. And then I could cut four identical stars, that’s to mean two treat bags ready to be sewed.

Like that I cut what I needed to sew 7 stars, 6 cookies, 3 canes sugar, 5 holly leaves et 3 ornaments.

Next step, we make our numbers. I’ve used the inside of roll’s scotch as a template and my paper rests in green, blue, white and gold.

And now, we are ready to plug in our sewing machine and sew ! I’ve chosen to sew the numbers on each treat bag, not necessarily the whole tag sometimes just one or both side. Just a question of preference. And don’t forget your treat to put them inside – sometimes I did it while sewing 😉

Et voilà 24 treat bags later, your DIY Advent Calendar is ready 😁 🙌🏼.

I like the treat bags just with the touch of colors given by the tags but you can totally try some doodling on them !

I”ll simply add some setting suggestions to arrange you Advent Calendar in you home…

Please share with me your Advent Calendar here or tag me on instagram 😉 . I’ll be thrilled to see your crafted one !

Meanwhile I hope you’ll like this DIY and that it’ll inspire you 😘

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