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These crochet makers who inspire me

Today, I want to share with you some makers who inspire me starting crochet and even getting better !

With these makers, the crochet is happy, colorful, modern and daring 😉(in a cool way !). And when you’ll find out what these women (yeah, only women🤭) are capable of making, you’ll definitely, like me, grab a crochet and well starting crocheting !!

I’m very fond of Crochet ! And lately, I have got a renewed interest/enthusiasm as you can see with my latest crafts on my blog or my Instagram account 👇🏼.

Those makers who inspire me to crochet my own fruity dinette of which this is the picture !

I remember perfectly my first time with crochet ^^. It was on a cafe’s terrace right after a play near the Châtelet theater. My mother-in-law took out of her purse a crochet and an orange yarn of which I have still some rest !

After showing me how to start, the chain and certainly what should be the single crochet (to be honest, I was quite overwhelmed by all this new information, but what else could it be than the single crochet !), she then gave me my first hook and the love was about to fall on me !

In addition, one of my friend (hello Béré👋🏼) who is very creative was making cute amigurumi with Tournicote à cloche-pied book called Tendre crochet 1.

I’ve ended up buying that book and subscribed to the Super starter crochet challenge Of Chouette kit. I explain below what this is about.

Already in or still indecisive, I have some really powerful arguments with the following pictures ! But be prudent you might just go nuts, fall in love, get obsess whatever 🤪

So for these makers, you’ll find a link towards their respective Instagram accounts, here it’s just a sneak peek 😉 !

Tournicote à cloche pied

So this is her who converts lots of people to crochet ! Author of two crochet books (the one that I mentioned above and another one), she also has an etsy shop with very cute pattern. The asiatic dinette eyes me up very much 😬 ! Can’t resist to share it with you👇🏼!

Trouvez l'inspiration crochet qu'il vous manque avec la créatrice Tournicote à cloche pied !
Chouette Kit

This is a website with crochet, knitting and sewing kits ready to make (which is really convenient and great when you start!). You can also find lots of ressources to learn one of these three skills as well as DIY and step-by-step.

Trouvez l'inspiration crochet qu'il vous manque avec le concept Chouette Kit !
Caro tricote

As her pseudo canno’t let you guess, Caro tricote also crochets ! Her blog is a mine of information – tutorials and tips about how to start (and not only about crochet). You can also find ideas and patterns in her book. Her instagram account is really inspiring ! The giga bonus she runs some crochet session on IGTV that are still available and she is adorable ! It’s like taking time to crochet with a friend !

Trouvez l'inspiration crochet qu'il vous manque avec la créatrice Caro tricote !
Laetitia Dalbies

Her creations are gems, little colorful candies for the eyes ! I like her creativity and modernity in her designs as well as products photo ! She also beautifully handles the punch needle ! (Did you know by the way that Amy Oxford who invented the punch needle lives in Vermont ! And that I’m quite near😄). She writes book too and need I say that you’ll die for the designs !

Trouvez l'inspiration crochet qu'il vous manque avec la créatrice Laetitia Dalbies !
Mlle Quincampoix

I’ve discovered her with her book Sacs et pochettes au crochet with stunning design ❤️. I love her style very nature ! Since that time, she released new books (crochet, knitting and punch needle) and sometimes runs workshops in a very neat concept store Klin d’Oeil in Paris. I’ve never get the chance to try it yet !

Trouvez l'inspiration crochet qu'il vous manque avec la créatrice Mlle Quincampoix !
More recently, and thanks to instagram, I’ve find these two makers…
Tisane crochet

She made the cutest tutorial’s card of the DIY planet ! And add some fresh one regularly. Thanks to her amazing starfish how-to, I’ve customized my summer signature tee-shirt 😎!

Trouvez l'inspiration crochet qu'il vous manque avec la créatrice Tisane Crochet !
Lalylaland Crochet

I’ve discovered this maker very recently and had a big crush on her Daruma made out of crochet 🤩 (you know the little Japanese figurines that you give or take for yourself with a precise goal in mind). Anyway, I love them, and I will certainly make some before the end of this year 🤗

Trouvez l'inspiration crochet qu'il vous manque avec la créatrice Lalylaland Crochet !

Voilà ! I hope you liked the tour and that you’re now ready to start crochet or simply continue / make more crochet with lots of new inspiration ! By the way, you can find here my lemon how-to 😉

May the crochet be with you !^^

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